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Temples in Samode

Samode is a small village that lies on the foothills of Aravali ranges in Rajasthan. Its claim to fame has always been its architectural structures that were built during the ancient royal times. One way of looking at Samode’s glorious heritage is the Rajput king’s inclination towards Hindu Gods and religion. This paved the way for building up of many temples in the vicinity of Samode.

Temples in Samode are designed in accordance with the traditional architecture of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Not just mere places of worship, temples in Samode are visited for its brilliant artwork as well.  The famous temples that one must look for in a tour of this historical village are Lord Hanuman temple, Mahadeva temple and Govind Ji Ka Mandir.

These beautifully carved temples turn into a major attraction during the time of festivals or any significant gathering of the village folks.  Specially prepared songs and traditional live performances mark the celebrations in these temples in Samode.

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