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Lord Hanuman Temple Samode

Rajasthan is a historical city. Apart from the desert, there are various places of interest. Temples are pretty famous in the city. Some of the temples which you can visit during your trip to the city are Brahma Temple, Eklingii Temple, Karni Mata Temple and Hanuman Temple. A brief overview regarding Lord Hanuman Temple in Samode is given below.

About Lord Hanuman Temple Samode Rajasthan

Among various temples in the region, Lord Hanuman Temple in Samode is one of the famous temples. The temple is pretty often known as Samode ke Veer Hnauman Ji, by the local people. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Hanumana, which is pretty famous among the local people.

History of the Temple

During your tour to Samode, you cannot miss the opportunity of visiting the Lord Hanuman Temple. This is a pretty old temple, the exact date of which is not known. As far the local people are concerned, they believe that it was built during the reign of kings and their family members.

Lord Hanuman was the follower of Rama. Hanuman was the loyal follower of Rama. In lord Hanuman is also know for strength and is worshipped by many people as god of strength. It is the monkey god, the existence of which can be found in the Hindu epic of Ramayana. Lord Hanuman is regarded as a loyal and devoted follower of Rama. Regarded as the god of strength, it is worshipped by the people of Samode and places nearby.

Interiors of the Temple

When you visit Lord Hanuman Temple in Samode Rajasthan, you will find that it is situated in an elevated platform. The Temple is open on either sides and there are fleets of steps which will lead you to the temple. This temple is unique, as it is placed on an elevated platform. There is a pillared hall, which is open from four sides. This hall is mainly used during festivals and occasions. It is used pretty often during folk dances and other cultural performances. In the main sanctorum, the main idol is located. The idol is equipped with the weapons of Lord Hanuman. You can see the famous "gada" in one hand and the mountain on the other. As far the legend says Hanuman carried the entire mountain on the shoulders. It was done because Rama has asked for an herb, which is required to bring back Laxman's life.

During your visit to Lord Hanuman Temple, you can also have a look of the entire surrounding, as it is located atop a hill. It offers wonderful view of the entire region. 

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