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Mahadeva Temple Samode

Have you ever been to Rajasthan? If not, then you are depriving yourself from visiting one of the best tourist destinations in the world. A large part of the global tourists has the idea that Rajasthan is all about deserts. It is not at all right. Rajasthan has much more to offer than the beauty of the deserts.

The variety of attractions in various parts of the state makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. There are a number of places in Rajasthan that is embedded with this variety in tourist attractions. Samode is one of the places in Rajasthan that offers this variety. The presence of a number of forts and palaces along with a number of places with religious significance make it a great place to visit.

Samode is famous for having a number of temples. These temples are equally attractive to regular tourists as well as devotees. Devotees attend the temples in large numbers to take part in the various festivals. Tourists visit these to have a look of the rich religious tradition of the place. Among the many temples, the Mahadeva Temple is visited by a large number of tourists as well as devotees. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is regarded as one of the most sacred temples of Samode.

About the Mahadeva Temple

The history of Mahadeva Temple also adds to its appeal. The temple dates back to several centuries back. However, the exact time of its establishment is yet to be known. The temple also has a number of beliefs associated with it. It is believed that if you offer prayers to Lord Shiva in this temple, the Lord fulfills your wishes. On visiting the temple and studying it properly, you will also be able to learn a lot about Hindu mythology.

Architecture of the Temple

The architecture of the Mahadeva Temple is also something that will surely attract your attention. Like most other temples in Samode, this temple is also built on a raised platform. The temple also has flight of stairs that leads one to the pillared hall. These stairs are present on the four sides of the hall. The hall is an important part of the temple as this place which hosts the folk performances during special occasions.

The folk performances also include reading of Holy Scriptures. Like most other temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple also has the lingam. It is accompanied by a snake and a trishul. This is traditionally worshipped. Witnessing these various features of the temple will be an enriching experience for the tourists.

Main attractions of Mahadeva Temple

The temple celebrates a number of festivals. However, the Shiva Ratri is celebrated with most pomp and show. During the festival a large number of women offer prayers to pray for their husbands' well being. The festival also involves a number of rituals. Women make a night long fasts. Unmarried girls also take part in this festival to ensure dedicated husbands.

Visiting the Mahadeva Temple during the Shiv Ratri will provide you a great experience. You will get a close look of the rich culture of India. Moreover, a curious tourist will take this opportunity to gain considerable knowledge about the religious tradition of the place.


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