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Buddhist Vihara in Sanchi

Sanchi is an important centre of Buddhist Art and Architecture in India. It is renowned because it has the sole distinction of having all forms of Buddhist arechitecture ranging from Stupas to Chaityas to Viharas in it. The Buddhist Vihara is one of those masterpieces that is well worth a visit.

There was a Stupa a few kilometers from Sanchi. It was known by the name of Satdhara Stupa. The relics of this Stupa which definitely has a great deal of sentimental value to Buddhists are kept in the Buddhist Vihara, Sanchi. They have been enclosed in a glass casket. The glass casket has been kept in the Inner sanctum of this modern monastery.

Unlike the earlier Viharas, this Buddhist Vihara, Sanchi is not carved out of wood. Being the principal residence of the monks there is a large central area for communal activities. It is surrounded by small chambers where the monks can sleep individually.

How to reach Buddhist Vihara in Sanchi:

Sanchi is well connected to the main centers of Madhya Pradesh like Bhopal and Vidisha by bus. The nearest airport is at Bhopal and even though there is a railway station at Sanchi, it is easier to come to Vidisha by train from any part of the country. Several important trains halt at Vidisha. After reaching either of these two places by rail or air you can take a bus or auto. Cars are also available on hire.


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