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Udayagiri Caves in Sanchi

Sanchi, the noted pilgrimage destination for Buddhists, is located in the central state of India called Madhya Pradesh. This pilgrim destination has many things to offer to its travelers. You will be amazed to see the presence of the contrasting specimens that range from stupas, temples, pillars, monasteries to museums. Most of these tourist attractions date back to 3rd century B.C. to the 12th century A.D. Apart from this, on your tour to Sanchi, you can also plan out for excursions from Sanchi. It is indeed a fascinating idea. Many tourists who come to Sanchi also make it a point to travel around places like Besnagar, Udaypur, Vidisha and Gyaraspur including Udaigiri Caves, Sanchi.

You must head for the Udaigiri Caves in Sanchi, India. It is around 13 km from Sanchi. Udaigiri Caves comprise of both Hindu and Jain caves that run in sequence one after another. These caves are world renowned. They have great historical significance.

It is believed that Sanchi Udaigiri Caves were inhabited by the Buddhist Monks in 2 B.C. These caves were formed into sandstone hills. Today, in these caves you will come across the elaborate carvings of Lord Vishnu. Besides, you will also be delighted to chance upon the ruins of the 6th century Gupta temple. This temple is perched on the summit of the hill. This temple is reckoned among the pioneers following whom other temples were built in India.

A tour to Udaigiri Caves, Sanchi will truly make your journey to Sanchi an unforgettable experience of life. The Udaigiri caves will help you see the refined cultural, architectural and religious legacy of India from close quarters. Produced mainly during the rule of Chandraguta II (382-401), these caves are much talked about for lending Gupta Art exclusivity, richness and vitality of expression. 


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