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Kankawadi Fort

Built within the Sariska National Park, the Kankawadi Fort is one of the most sought after attractions of Sariska tours. The fort boasts great historical relevance as it is the same fort where Aurangzeb exiled Dara Sheikh. The fort is not in the best of its condition. Due to lack of proper maintenance, the brunt of time is clearly reflected from its deteriorating condition. However, it still manages to draw a large number of tourists from various parts of the world.

Tourists flock the fort in large numbers as the Kankawadi fort is a great place to visit in order to get aware of the various features of Rajasthani architecture. Though it is not in a great condition yet it boasts the splendid structure. The splendid structure speaks a lot about the splendor and grandeur of Rajasthani architecture. The surrounding place of Kankawadi Fort is also a treat to the eye. With lush green plantations and beautiful green meadows surrounding the fort, it offers a great sight. There are also a number of hillocks surrounding the fort. This enhances the beauty of the surrounding area even more. Imagine catching a glimpse of such a magnificent fort in the midst of such a beautiful location, it is surely a must visit in Sariska.

Easy connectivity to the Kankawadi Fort has made it an even more popular tourist attraction. The availability of a wide range of hotels spread across different parts of Sariska also acts in the fort's popularity. A large number of tourists come to Sariska and as a result most of them visit the fort in order to catch a glimpse of one of the most prominent attractions of Sariska.

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