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Elephant Falls Shillong

Located 12 km away from Shillong, Elephant Falls is one of the most scenic and famous waterfalls in North East India. Nature lovers come here to spend time amidst tranquility and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. There are different vantage points from where you can witness the charm of Elephant Falls.

The interesting part of Elephant Falls is a two-tier waterfall cascading down the rocks. These curved falls catch the eye of the visitors and the surrounding green vegetation makes it an ideal picnic spot. Elephant Falls sections into three smaller waterfalls and the combined stream drops down the fern-covered rocks below.

The first part of the Elephant Falls in Shillong is tucked between dense trees and is very wide. The second one reduces to thin strands of water and is almost insignificant in winter. Lastly, the third section is the tallest one with clear water and looks like a sheet of milk dropping on the dark rocks. The third one is the most impressive out of all and catches the eye of the visitors the most. You can explore this famous attraction during the Shillong tour. We offer a wide range of meticulously crafted Shillong tour packages with which you can rejuvenate amidst serene environs. Contact us for more information and to book a tour with us!

Here is everything you must know about Elephant Falls in Shillong                       

Elephant Falls History                                                                                                  

Originally, Elephant Falls was called Ka Kshaid Lai Patent Khohsiew, which means ‘Three Step Waterfall”. The name Elephant Falls came up when the Britishers spotted a huge elephant-looking rock near the fall. In 1897, this giant rock was destroyed due to an earthquake.

Best time to visit Elephant Falls

You can visit Elephant Falls in Shillong, Meghalaya any time of the year. However, post-monsoon months are the best to see the charm of Elephant Falls. In winters, the water level recedes but it does not take away the charm of the falls.

How to reach Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls is well-connected to Shillong by a cab or an auto-rickshaw. The distance between Shillong and Elephant Falls is approx. 12 km and will take around 35 to 40 minutes to reach.

Places to visit near Elephant Falls

After spending time at the falls, here are some places to visit around Elephant Falls –

  • Don Bosco Museum (12 km away)
  • Laitlum Canyons (28 km away)
  • Mawphlang Sacred Forest (15 km away)
  • Ward’s Lake (11 km away)
  • Umiam Lake (24 km away)

Tips for visiting Elephant Falls

  • Leave early to avoid traffic on the roads leading to the waterfall.
  • Wear a pair of comfortable shoes with a good grip. The stairs might be slippery.
  • To reach the fall, you have to cover around 100 stairs. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with joint pains and seniors who have difficulty walking.
  • You can buy souvenirs at affordable prices at the shop and savor meals at a restaurant near the parking lot.

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