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Dwarkamai Masjid in Shirdi

Dwarkamai Masjid is the holy place where Shirdi Sai Baba lived for a period of 60 years. The mosque has a Shila (Stone), on which Sai Baba used to sit. Also, Shirdi Sai Baba lit the Sacred Fire (Dhuni) at the mosque which always keeps burning. When Sai Baba resided at the mosque, he used to give all his devotees Sacred Udi (Ash) which was believed to have the powers to cure any kind of suffering. Sai Baba also used to prepare food for distribution to the devotees in the mosque.

In the mosque, one can find oil paintings of Sai Baba which are the main highlights of the mosque. The area of the mosque is divided into two levels. The first level has a big portrait of Sai Baba and a big stone, which is believed to be the place where Sai Baba used to sit. The other area has two rooms which have a palki and chariot. There is also a large square stool which is believed to be the stool where Sai Baba took bath. 

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