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Chhatris inShivpuri

The small town of Shivpuri is well known for the Chhatris. If you visit this town make sure that you see these beautiful Chhatris located in a formal Mughal garden. You are sure to be highly impressed by them. The garden in which they are set is no less fascinating. Pathways intersect the garden. There are several gorgeous flower plants within the complex. It is bordered with ornamental balustrades for reasons of safety. Victorian lamps illuminate the garden.

History of Chhatris :

The Chhatris are dedicated to the Scindhias. They are the cenotaphs of Madho Rao Scindhia and his queen.

Description of Chhatris

The Chhatris of Shivpuri are built of marble. They are very beautifully decorated. The elegance of the embellishments is indeed very admirable. The Chhatris of Madho Rao Scindhia and his queen Maharani Sakhya Raje Scindhia stand facing each other and there is a water tank in between. The Chhatris are a unique blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture. They have shikhara type spires and there are several pavilions that bear close resemblance to Rajput and Mughal pavilions. Life size portraits of the Scindhias are there within the Chhatris and these are religiously worshipped with flowers and incense.

How to reach Chhatris of Shivpuri:

There is no problem in reaching Shivpuri. It is well connected by bus to the important towns and cities of Madhya Pradesh. The nearest Airport is Gwalior. If you are interested in traveling by air, take a plane till Gwalior and then reach Shivpuri in a bus or hire a car. There is a railway station at Shivpuri but Gwalior is better connected by railways to the important parts of the Country. Once you have reached Shivpuri you can avail of a bus or auto to visit the Chhatris.

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