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Jetavana Monastery

The Jetavana Monastery Shravasti was one of the most famous of the Buddhist monasteries in India. It was the second monastery donated to Buddha, after the Veluvana in Rajagaha- modern day Rajgir. Jetavana Monastery Shravasti In India is located just outside the old city of Shravasti. Jetavana was the place where Buddha gave many teachings and delivered many of the discourses for the first time more than in any other place. Somehow Lord Buddha was in love with the place and spent 24 monsoons of his life, which is more than in any other monastery. The Jetavana Monastery Shravasti is indeed one of the most holy places in Shravasti.


The Jetavana Monastery Shravasti in Uttar Pradesh in India was a gift for Buddha from the wealthy merchant Sudatta also known as Anathapindika. When Lord Buddha accepted Anathapindika's invitation to visit Shravasti, Anathapindika was on the lookout for a place favorable to be Buddha's residence and discovered the park which was located to the south of the city of Shravasti (according to Buddhist scriptures) in the process.

Sudatta asked to be allowed to buy it, from Jeta, the son of King Prasenjeet, and Jeta refused to sell the park even if Sudatta covered it with money; Anathapindika agreed to buy the park at that price; when Jeta refused even after that, the matter was taken before the Lords of Justice, who decided that if the price mentioned were paid, Anathapindika had the right of purchase.

Anathapindika had gold brought down in carts and covered every inch of the park with pieces of gold laid side by side. The money brought in the first journey was found insufficient to cover one small spot near the gateway and so Anathapindika sent his servants back for more, but Jeta, inspired by Anathapindika's dedication and eagerness to build a shelter for Lord Buddha, asked to be allowed to donate that much land for the Jetavana Monastery Shravasti Uttar Pradesh In India. Anathapindika agreed to his proposal and Jeta erected there a gateway, with a room over it. It is said that An?thapindika paid eighteen crores for the purchase of the site, all of which Jeta spent in the construction of the gateway which was a gift from him to the monastery. Jeta also gave many valuable trees for timber and Anathapindika himself spent fifty-four crores in all for the purchase of the land and building of the structures inside it.


Some of the chief buildings attached to the Jetavana were, Mahagandhakuti, Kaverimandalamala, Kosambakuti and Candanamala. Other buildings like the Ambalakotthaka-asanasala are also mentioned. According to Tibetan sources the Jetavana Monastery Shravasti was built according to a plan sent by the Devas of Tusita and contained sixty large halls and sixty small halls.

The grounds of the monastery were thickly covered with trees, and on the outskirts of the monastery was a mango-grove. In front of the gateway was the Bodhi-tree planted by Anathapindika, from a sapling of the Mahabodhi Tree.


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