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River Rafting in Sikkim

Wear your helmet, pull the ropes of your life jacket tightly, hold your pair of oars, settle in your raft and you are all set to face the challenges of rafting in Sikkim. The experience of facing the turbulent waters of Rivers Teesta and Rangit truly is matchless. One of the best adventure activities in Sikkim, white water rafting gives you an adrenaline high.

The icy cold River Teesta is labeled 4 on the International scale. It has a number of rapids with changing intensity and character. River Rangit, a tributary of the Teesta, is known for owning more turbulent waters and thus the experience is even more challenging making it ideal only for experts. The rapids in Sikkim are classified from 2 to 4.

The banks of the rivers have tiny hamlets with mountains in the background, thick jungles and patches of terrace cultivation. If you wish to enjoy camping in Sikkim, there are a number of campsites at the white sandy spaces. Good facilities for overnight camping are also offered. Beginners as well as experienced rafting enthusiasts can try their hands here at their favorite sport.

Best time to visit sikkim for river rafting is from March to May.

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