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Museums in Somnath

Tourists who come to Somnath can take a trip to its numerous temples, forts as well as museums, thereby enjoying their tour to the optimum. Amongst all these, the Museums in Somnath deserve a special mention. In fact, if you wish to take a trip back in time, there is no better way than admiring the beauty and grace of the artifacts of the Somnath Museums.

As Somnath is pretty well connected to the other main places of Gujarat, reaching the Somnath Museums would not pose any problem for the tourists.

In the list of the Somnath Museums, a name that depicts a class of its own is that of Prabhas Patan Museum, Somnath. This museum houses remnants of the earlier temples, art treasures of the ancient eras, holy waters of different rivers, 12th century toranas, pillars, ancient stone apsaras, 11th century sculptures of Lord Agni, Lord Vishnu, Parwati, Uma Maheshwara and Natra Bhairava.

So, on your tour to Somnath, keep some time aside to pay a visit to the Museums in Somnath. A journey such as this back in time would enthrall you to no ends for sure.


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