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Around Kaza

Kaza is the largest hamlet in the Spiti Valley. In the desolate barren landscape of Himachal Pradesh this is the largest functional city catering to the comfort of tourists. Kaza is not short of attractions and so are its surroundings. Around Kaza there are many attractive places to explore. The cold desert region of Spiti Valley is a breathtaking beauty that draws visitors from all over the world.

Around Kaza there are numerous small, high-altitude villages. Settled at above 4000 m, the pristine, desolate villages are a beauty in their own might. Clusters of flat-roofed houses in the midst of fields of barley and other crops stand against a rugged mountain backdrop. Some of the communities have monasteries with centuries old history. At some villages, seasonal guesthouses or homestays with facilities for tourists are available.

There are numerous exciting day trips from Kaza. Trek through the rugged landscape, making stop at the unbelievably beautiful lakes. While staying at villages and get an insight of the lifestyle of the incredibly spirited people. Learn about the culture, music, dance, food, arts and crafts.

Around Kaza in the unspoilt nature, Himalayan wolf, snow leopard, blue sheep, golden eagle and griffon vulture, and other species call it home. Spot these rare breeds surviving the tough climate and region.

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