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Komic Village Spiti

Famed as the highest motorable village in Asia, Komic in Spiti Valley is at an altitude of 5150 m above sea level. The village has around a dozen houses, one monastery, and a population of around 150, including the monks. The place has unspoilt scenery, lush surroundings, snow-covered peaks, and barren landscapes.

During the winter (November to March), the village is cut from the rest of the civilization due to heavy snow and not having roads. The temperatures can fall below minus 30 degrees Celsius. At that time, the only mode of transportation is a yak. The nearest school is an hour away, and there is a lack of daily necessities. But, despite all these difficulties, the villagers are helpful, happy, and friendly.

Monastery in Komic Village Spiti

Komic monastery is the main attraction here and is located on the top of a small hill. As you climb up, you see the colorful flags fluttering rapidly. The views of the surroundings are amazing. Stay here till sunset to check beautiful sights. Komic only as a homestay as accommodation with only 2-3 rooms.

Places to visit in and near by Komic Village Spiti

Komic village is a beautiful place and a paradise for nature and peace lovers.There are many places to visit in Komic village Spiti, but some of the top places are:

  • Komic Lundup Chemmo or the Tangyud Monastery
  • Hikkim Village
  • Langza village
  • Local Pastures and Meadows


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