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Lakes in Spiti

Spiti is one of the most exotic places in India and the wonderful lakes which are located there are its perfect adornments. The popularity of the Lakes in Spiti is acknowledged far and wide as these are great destinations in themselves to experience the paradisiacal charms of India.

The lakes, particularly the Chandrataal and the Suraj Taal, are especially favorite within the tourist community for their ethereal beauty and the availability of a number of other attractions such as the option for trekking.

Situated at a stupendous height from the sea level, the lakes are no less than a fantastic craft of the nature with snow-laden cliffs and other astonishing sights affording the splendid compliment. The lakes remain in liquid state during the summer part of the year, however in winters, the water gets frozen which then exude their own unique allure, but due to extreme cold, the region remains cut off from the tourist activity.

The lakes are perfect spots to spend some enchanting moments in a close proximity of nature and to make some remarkable and cherishing memories.

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