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Ugyen Sangnak Choling Gompa, Spiti

Location: Pin Valley National Park

Ugyen Sangnak Choling Gompa in Kungri is over 680 years old and is one of the oldest monasteries in the Spiti valley. Along with a newly constructed monastery, it also two more amazing shrines (Nyingma Gonpa and Ani Gonpa), belonging to the medieval times. These monasteries feature colorful festival masks, blackened murals, and carved wooden snow lions. In two of these shrines, the entry of women is not allowed. The complex boasts of wonderful scenery all around.

Also known as Urgyen Sangnag Choling, this gompa is home to several monks who not only live here but also study as well as practice Dharma. All the activities going on here are supervised by Yomed Tulku, also called Spiti Tulku. Spiti Tulku also began a school where the monks at the monastery are given a secular education. This school is open for all the children of the village who wish to gain this knowledge.

The construction of the new monastery had started in the summers of 1993 and it is used as a place where teachings are given. This gompa was sanctified in the June month of 2004 by H.H. Dalai Lama.

Nyingma Gonpa

Nyingma Gompa is the main gompa of Urgyen Sangnag Choling, which houses Buddhist and Nyingma in huge numbers, in its spacious library, including the popular ones, Tengyur, and K’angyur.

The complex has 2 other shrines at that are several hundreds of years old. While one temple is dedicated to Pema Lingpa practices and tradition, the other one is dedicated to Guru Rinpoche.

Ani Gonpa

Also used as a nunnery in Kungri, Ani Gompa offers accommodation to 20 nuns. It also comprises of a kitchen. It is also the site where nun receive traditional teaching from a Khenpo as well as other teachers, one of whom is Tibetan language instructor.

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