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Tourist Attractions in Surat

Surat holds a significant place not only from the industrial and commercial point of view but also from the point of view of tourism. Surat is located close to the Arabian Sea and enjoys a mild climate round the year. In the 14th century, the Mughals made this city an important part of their reign. There are a few exotic beaches in Surat that it rightly brags of. This lovely place is located on the banks of the river Tapi and is famous for the silk fabrics, brocades and the diamond cutting works. Surat is visited by a large number of tourists from the different parts of India and abroad. All these people come here lured by the tourist attractions in Surat.

Ranging from castles to the cemeteries and from the mausoleum to the museums, there are many things to watch around in Surat. A tourist will simply fall short of his vacations as there is no end to the Surat tourist attractions. There are several monuments, museums and gardens in Surat that are known for their own distinct charm and grandeur. The tour to Surat has a lot in store for the travel freak. It offers every opportunity to the tourist to come and have a flavor of the true Gujarati hospitality and cuisine as well. Among the tourist attractions in Surat, Old Fort is worth mentioning since it is a rare instance of the ancient monument which was built by Tughlak in the 14th century. The objective behind the construction of this fort was to guard the city from the attack of the Bhils. This fort is simply an inexplicable piece of architecture that has not lost its old glory and splendor.

Other places that fall under the category of the Surat tourist attractions are Navsari and Udvada which are known for the Parsi influence over them. The tourists will also come across several edifices and monuments that are built following the original Parsi architecture. Museums of Surat house the important artifacts. These museums are the treasure trove of information related to the various historical and cultural episodes that took place in Surat.

The Sardar Patel Museum of Surat is one such museum that was established in the year 1890 and is the repository of the various artifacts made of wood, metal, stone, ivory, terracotta, porcelain. You would also get to see sandalwood, oil paintings, miniatures, textiles and old manuscripts at this place.

Places of tourist interest in Surat also embrace the gardens of Surat. The Dutch garden is one such tourist attraction that should not be missed out. This was the particular place where the Dutch officers, who came for the trade purpose to India through the sea route, have their cemeteries. The cenotaphs are well maintained and a lot of tourists flock to this place to witness the same, counted highly amongst the tourist attractions in Surat.

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