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Standing on the bank of the river Tapi, the city of Surat has several tourist attractions. Amongst the Tourist attractions in Surat, Udvada, near Surat deserves a mention. It is regarded highly in the list of Monuments in Surat. There is a holy place for the Parsis here and they hold this place in great reverence.

History of Udvada, near Surat

The history of Udvada, near Surat dates back to the time when the Parsis brought the holy flame here from Persia.

Description of Udvada, near Surat

Udvada, near Surat is celebrated for being a very sacred place among the Parsis and is a small sleepy village which is located in the southern coast of Gujarat. It is as important to the Parsis as is Haridwar for the Hindus, Mecca for the Muslims and Vatican City for the Christians. A large number of Parsis flock here every year, both from within the country and from abroad. It was here that the victorious fire or Atash Behram was brought from Persia by the Parsis in the 18th century. This fire is placed in a temple which is strictly meant for the Parsis. As a result, the non-Parsis are not allowed to enter here. This place can be visited from outside. Peace and bliss pervades here that simply enthralls the visitors who come from far and wide.

The best time to visit Udvada close to Surat would be from October to March.


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