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Poompuhar Beach Tamil Nadu

Situated on the estuary of the Kaveri River, Poompuhar is an amazing place to visit in Tamil Nadu. It is about recently that Poompuhar has started luring people from around the country with its beautiful temples, pristine beaches, and amazing historical places. This place gains its popularity from the greatest of all time’s epic Silapaddikaram. It has been an active tourist destination and gained its stardom from thereon. Apart from being featured in this South Indian epic, Poompuhar has enjoyed a special place in Sangam literature. All these things together brought this town in limelight and the rest was done by its extraordinary location

Located in the Thanjavur district, this town has been an ancient port since the time of Cholas. Also known as Kaveripoompattinam, the town has many relics as well as monuments that belong to the rulers of the Chola Dynasty. Though the popularity of this wonderful travel destination was only limited to Tamil Nadu travelers, recently, it has become a key destination for all kinds of travelers from across the country.

Places to visit in Poompuhar

There is a reason why Poompuhar became a popular travel destination in no time. This town owing to its location has some wonderful places to visit with family or with your partner. It serves as the ideal getaway destination for wanderers and an awesome rejuvenating spot for people who wish for some quiet time away from their mundane schedule. Here are some amazing places that you can visit during your trip to Poompuhar.

Beach in Poompuhar

Coming to the coastal region of India, one thing always intrigues visitors and that’s the beaches. One of the most amazing places in this town is also a pristine beach. One of the cleanest beaches in Tamil Nadu; Poompuhar Beach is a place that is always filled with people. Some couples enjoy a walk at the beach whereas families enjoy the water or the sand. There are food stalls around the beach so that you can munch on snacks while enjoying yourself at the beach.

Temples in Poompuhar

The number of temples in Poompuhar is less but they are amazingly built. These temples are built beautifully and have intriguing carvings on their walls. Some of the temples in town are important and unique in their own ways. People come here to offer their prayers to the lord and enjoy the beauty of the structures. Here are some of the best temples in town:

  • Vaitheeswaran Kovil Temple
  • Swetharanyeswarar Temple
  • Masilamani Nathar Koil Temple
  • Pallavaneswarar Temple

Historical Attractions in Poompuhar

Being a top-notch attraction of Tamil Nadu, Poompuhar is also rich in historical attractions that keep luring history buffs and explorers. These attractions are graceful and offer some breathtaking views of the surrounding. Here are some attractions that you would want to visit during your trip to this town.

  • Elanchi
  • Kotra Pandal
  • Danish Fort
  • Poompuhar Lighthouse
  • Town Gateway
  • Danish Governor Bungalow
  • Zion Church

Art galleries and museums in Poompuhar

Being an ancient town of India, there have been a lot of rulers. Their relics and artifacts are housed in the museums and galleries located in this town itself. A lot of people every year visit these attractions making it an extensively visited place. Silappathikara Art Gallery and Marine Archaeology Museum are two best places where one should not miss out on.

How to reach Poompuhar

Located beautifully along the Bay of Bengal, Poompuhar is one of the finest destinations in Tamil Nadu. Its accessibility and connectivity are something that inclines people to visit here. The town is well connected with all the nearby villages, towns, and cities. You can take a flight, train, or even prefer a road trip to this mesmerizing town. Here is more insight on how to travel to Poompuhar.

By Air:
If you prefer traveling to this town via airways, you will have to get down at Trichy airport. This is the nearest airport and is only about 145 km from the destination. You also have another feasible option which is Madurai airport but it is 278 km from the town. Both the airports get flights from all the cities of India. Finding a taxi, cab, or bus will be easy from these international airports.

By Rail:
Nagapattinam Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Poompuhar which is just about 58 km from the town. Traveling by rail is the best way to reach this town. Finding a mode of transport from the railhead is easy. Also, trains from most parts of India ply to this railway station.

By Road:
Traveling by road is also a great way to reach this town. NH 32 and NH 67 are two major highways connecting this town to other cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, and others. Regular buses also ply to and from the town to these destinations. You can choose this mode of transportation. Or, if you want to plan a road trip with your family or friends then also you can take these highways and reach the town without any hiccups. The road connectivity and conditions are smooth.

Best time to visit Poompuhar

The best time to visit Poompuhar is during the winter season between October and February. This is the time when the climate is generous with a cool breeze flowing throughout the day. It makes exploring the town and visiting the destinations quite comfortable and enjoyable. More importantly, during these months, you would not have to worry about the humidity as well. This is the most important factor to keep in mind while visiting any destination in Tamil Nadu.

Things to do in Poompuhar

Offering loads of intuitive things to do, Poompuhar is a good place for adventure seekers. With an array of things to do, here are some of the best amongst them that can keep you engaged throughout your trip.

  • Taking a romantic walk at the Poompuhar beach
  • Offering prayers to the lord at the temples
  • Hiking up to the lighthouse
  • Enjoying at the museum
  • Taking a trip to the Kotra Pandal
  • Exploring the Danish Fort

These are just a few of many things that can be enjoyed in the town. Visiting here unlocks an array of things to do.

Accommodation options in Poompuhar

Accommodation options in Poompuhar are endless. Right from hostels to luxury hotels, you can find everything here. Depending on the budget and luxuries you wish to have in your stay; you can opt from the list below. Here are some of the best hotels in Poompuhar:

  • Hotel Kanakabhishegam
  • Neemrana’s Bungalow on the beach
  • The grand white palace
  • Hotel Pams Residency
  • Hotel million day

Restaurants in Poompuhar

Offering a huge range of cuisines, Poompuhar has many restaurants where finding lip-smacking cuisines are easy. Here are some of the best restaurants that you can find in their town and rest assured they have a lot of mouth-watering cuisines to offer:

  • Sri Sabari Bhawan
  • Aarkadu Mutton Biryani
  • Nellau Vasantha Bhavan Sweets and Bakery
  • SS Hyderabad Biryani
  • Yummy’s Restaurant

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