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  • Location3HH2+P9H, Temple Rd, Kanyakumari

  • Opening Hours 4:30 AM - 12:30 PM, 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Kumari Amman Temple

The Kumari Amman Temple at Kanyakumari is an architectural wonder. The temple has been dedicated to Goddess Parvati who is the virgin deity. Parvati was in love with Lord Shiva and therefore she wanted him as a husband. So, she started meditating for Lord Shiva.

However, the Lord did not turn up on the scheduled day of their marriage and it is said that the stones found at the beaches of Kanyakumari are nothing but the uncooked food of their wedding party.

It was a sad incident and to commemorate it, a temple had been constructed with Goddess Parvati as the chief deity. Kanyakumari with its splendid expanse of the ocean remembers the sacrifice of the Goddess Parvati and also the sad fate that befell her.

Description of the Kumari Amman Temple:

People pay homage to the Goddess at her temple and also make their confessions and convey their regards to the holy goddess. It is said that she hears the demands of the worshippers and also blesses them with whatever they wish for.

A visit to Kanyakumari is incomplete without a visit to the Kumari Amman Temple. Kanyakumari is a land of waters and it is the place of the confluence of the three seas namely the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and the mighty Indian Ocean.

The colors of the water of these three water bodies are different. The heritage of India is deeply reflected from the wonderful temples located all over the country, especially in Tamil Nadu at the shore of its sea beaches. These temples are not only unique but also provide excellent opportunity for the people of the country to pay homage to their adored Lord and get the blessings.

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