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Museums in Thanjavur

Thanjavur district holds an eminent position in the history of Tamil Nadu. The green paddy field and Cauvery river with her blessing make the land affluent with vegetation and harvests. The place is ideal for a trip in the past days of history.

Thanjavur was once the main destination of Chola dynasty. The old buildings and the monuments depict old tales of the Chola dynasty. The finest specimens of architecture can be seen in this town. The ancient art and culture of the place make the town distinct from other places.

The history of Thanjavur dates about thousand years. The old temples and the monuments are the evidences of rich old times of Thanjavur. The antique items of Chola period, the stone work, paintings, bronze sculptures are kept in the museum of Thanjavur.

This is the best place where all the antiques and the old items are kept in the display for the tourists. Thanjavur museum offers the tourists to experience the glorious past of the Chola Dynasty and the places near by.

The ancient town is the center for classical art and music that create a special position in the cultural heritage of the Thanjavur. The mythological tales of the city make the place an important tourist destination. The city with her rich historical background attracts thousands of visitors to the town of art and culture. Apart from the museum of Thanjavur, Saraswati library and the age old university bears a significance part in Thanjavur.

Museums Of Thanjavur: Mahabalipuram is a historical place where ancient traditions meet to form a new one.