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Airavatesvara Temple Thanjavur

Built in 12th century A.D by Raja Chola II, Airavatesvara temple is a famous Hindu temple located in Darasuram. The temple represents the architectural heritage of Tamil Nadu. Airavatesvara Temple is a World Heritage site declared by UNESCO. The temple is one among the Great Living Chola Temples.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple houses a linga named Airavatesvara. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Indra’s elephant, Airavata was cursed by sage Durvasa for disrespecting him. As a consequence of Curse, the white elephant suffered skin discoloration which was curable only after taking a dip in holy water of Airavatesvara. This is how the temple and the presiding deity got a name from the incident.

Airavatesvara temple is architecturally beautiful and it has intricate paintings and sculptures on the walls. The temple is a storehouse of art and architecture which display the delicate stone carvings of ancient artists. The front Mandapa of the temple is designed in the form of a big chariot drawn by horses. Further, the vimaan on the top of the temple is 85ft. high. The temple is a must visit for history buffs and god lovers.