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Aiyarappan Temple Tanjore

Tanjore in Tamil Nadu is a wonderful place to visit. It holds a special place for art and history lovers. Even though its claim to fame is mainly the Brihadeeshwara Temple, there are other temples in Tanjore which are also quite impressive. Amongst the other temples of Tanjore which are well worth a visit is the Aiyarappan Temple.

There are a total of seven temples or Saptastanams dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Aiyarappan Temple, Tanjore is considered to be the most important one belonging to this group. Five tributaries of the River Cauvery coil their way around the town of Tanjavur and in the midst of the town the Aiyarappan Temple is located. The setting is indeed very tranquil.

The Aiyarappan Temple in Tanjore dates back to the ancient period but even after the passage of so many years it still stands tall. Lord Shiva is also popularly known as Panchanadhishwara or Aiyarappan in this part of the country and as this temple is dedicated to him, it has also been named after him.

The Aiyarappan Temple, Tanjore is not only large but beautiful as well. Songs in praise of the Aiyarappan Temple has been sung by several Shaivite saints and that points to its popularity. Many devotees come to offer their prayers and seek the blessings of the Lord in this temple. Visit the Aiyarappan Temple whenever you came to Thanjavur.