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Thirunallar Temple Tanjore

Placed between two rivers Arasalar and Vanchai, Thirunallar is a shrine of Hindu God, Shani. The temple attracts a new range of pilgrims every year. Located 3kms away from Karaika in Thanjavur, the Thirunallar temple comes under the Pondicherry Union Territory jurisdiction.

Thurunallar is the only temple where Lord Shani lost his powers to Lord Shiva in order to save his devotee. The devotee was the legendary king Nala, who got released from his sufferings after worshipping in this temple. The affliction was caused due to the evil influence of Saturn. People from different parts of the globe specially plan their visit to Thirunallar temple on Saturdays. (In Hindu mythology Saturdays are dedicated to Lord Shani).

Further, it is believed that if you take bath in the ‘Theertams’ (bathing place), all the past karmas and the sufferings are cleared. Also, Theertam is one of the prime attractions of Thirunallar Temple. Therefore, Thirunallar temple is one of the best places in South India where you can offer sincere prayers.