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Bum La Pass in Tawang

Bumla Pass in Tawang is one of the famous passes at an elevation of 5,000 m above sea level. The fantastic tourist attraction definitely tests your adventurous spirit to the fullest. The place is an amazing spot for enjoying a picnic while appreciating extraordinary views wherever you look.

The tourist attraction is covered with snow throughout the year, offering breathtaking sights all around you. Besides being an amazing picnic spot for tourists, you can also feel the air of patriotism when you are here. From Bumla Pass, you can see soldiers protecting the border in such nerve-wracking weather conditions.

You can visit this pass in Tawang by taking a permit from the office of the Deputy Commissioner and the Indian army cantonment of Tawang. Interestingly, the historic pass was used by Dalai Lama to enter India. It is thus undoubtedly one of the most popular and unique tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh.

Here is details about Bumla Pass in Arunachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit Bum la Pass

The weather condition of Bumla Pass is chilling and windy almost throughout the year. Looking at all the climate conditions, the best time to visit Bumla Pass is the summer months when the weather is pleasant with no sign of rain, making your sightseeing remarkable. During the summer, the days are clear, which can allow you a fantastic picnic experience and let you enjoy the sightseeing around Bumla Pass.

How to Reach Bumla Pass

Being settled at such height and with a distance of 52 km from Tawang, it is one of the most popular adventurous destinations of Arunachal Pradesh. You need to hire a local SUV to reach Bumla Pass from the city, as the trek is challenging. Also, a permit from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner and then the Indian army cantonment of Tawang is required. You will not be allowed to pass the checkpoint without having an army stamp.

Traveling Tips for Bumla Pass

  • As Bumla Pass is quite cold, you must carry abundant woolen clothes.
  • Do not forget to bring water, eatables, a thermos with tea, and gloves to keep your hand warm.
  • Do proper research about the weather conditions of Bumla Pass before planning your vacation there.
  • Do not miss a chance to capture the photographs while driving the scenic routes from Tawang to Bumla Pass.

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