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Gorichen peak

If you are a seasoned adventurer looking for a good time, Tawang is a place you should head. One of the best places to visit in the district is the popular and adventurous Gorichen Peak. It is one of the finest locations because it is the highest mountain in Arunachal Pradesh and Gorichen Peak is its summit. At an astonishing 6858 feet, this summit is approximately 164 km from the town of Tawang. Also known as Sa-Nga Phu, there is a trekking trail that invites a lot of adventure lovers to engage and enjoy but on the other hand, what makes it even better to visit here is the climb. Many seasoned climbers who have climbed a mountain earlier can get a permit to climb this peak as well. It is inhabited by the Monpa Tribe who pray to the mountain and they believe the peak protects them from all evil.

Some cabs run from Tawang to the area around the mountain and it is easy to commute. Sa-Nga Phu is a joy for adventure lovers. You can visit here and enjoy trekking around the mountains even if you are an amateur. You don’t have to take any permissions for that. Apart from the adventure activities offered by Sa-Nga Phu, one can also visit the Nuranang Falls which is close to the place. The best time to visit here is during summers when the sky is clear and the temperature is generous for mountain climbing. The best time to visit Gorichen Peak is between April, May, and June. Avoiding your trip here during monsoons is going to be a good choice because Tawang experiences a lot of rainfall.

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