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Bhongir Fort

Located on a hilltop in Bhongir, the Bhongir Fort is located about 50 kilometers from Hyderabad. It was believed till recent times that the Bhongir Fort was impenetrable and unconquerable.

History of Bhongir Fort, Bhongir

The 12th century fort was built by the Chalukya ruler, Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya. The fort showcases extraordinary architecture and geometric excellence.

The fort is built in the shape of an egg. The fort has two entrances which are protected by massive rocks. The fort is encircled in a moat which offers extra security. Other interesting features of the Bhongir Fort are an underground chamber, trap doors and an armory. The fort has a stable, ponds and wells which took care of the water requirements by the inhabitants of the fort.

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