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Bamuni Hills Tezpur

Bamuni Hills is located in Tezpur on the right side of the Brahmaputra River. It is one of the best places to visit for archeology enthusiasts and nature lovers. You can enjoy the panoramic views, cool breezes, calm atmosphere, and vibe of ancient times. This hill is known to have preserved relics, artifacts, and ruins of ancient monuments in abundance.

The area is currently under the Archaeological Study of India (ASI). They have predicted that the ruins found on and around the hill date back to the 9th to the 10th century AD. Moreover, the architecture and carving on the walls of these ruins have shown similarities to those of the Gupta Period. Although the temples here are believed to have been built during the Pala Period, nothing is said with certainty.

Exploring the entire Bamuni Hills and clicking pictures of the stone figures and sculptures has always engaged visitors. Thriving with massive flora, the Bamuni Hills are beautiful due to their abundant natural beauty and serenity. People visiting Tezpur often take time to visit here.

Bamuni Hills History

Bamuni Hills, Tezpur, dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries. It showcases ancient Assamese artistry through intricate stone carvings depicting Hindu and Buddhist motifs. Believed to have been part of a larger monastery complex, these ruins offer valuable insights into the region's rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Legends of Bamuni Hills

As per Hindu mythology, the nephew of Lord Krishna named Aniruddha fell in love with the daughter of Banasura. She disapproved of this match, and Aniruddha was imprisoned at this hill.

Bana was a powerful king and a devotee of Shiva. When Lord Krishna came to rescue Aniruddha, King Bana declared war. Shiva joined the king in that war, which is known in history as Hari-Har Yuddha. Today, the Archeological Survey of India preserves and maintains the ruins.

Best Time to Visit Bamuni Hills Assam

People visit the Bamuni Hills Assam during the spring or late autumn season because that’s the time when this place becomes mesmerizing, beautiful, and astonishing. Between July and September, the temperature remains pleasant and helps the explorers carry out the excursion easily.

How to Reach Bamuni Hills

Bamuni Hills are not that far from Sonitpur. The distance from Sonitpur to BamuniHills is approx. 10 km and takes around 25 to 30 minutes to reach. You can take rental taxis from Saloni to directly reach the ruins. Auto rickshaws and cabs are also available at Rangapara North station, from where you will reach Bamuni HIlls in a few minutes.

Places to Visit Around Bamuni Hills

After witnessing the beautiful stone figures and rock sculptures, you can explore places near Bamuni Hills.

Here are some of the top places to visit near Bamuni Hills -

  • Agnigarh (2.5 km)
  • Padum Pukhuri (3.5 km)
  • Bhairabi Mandir (600 m)
  • Mahabhairab Temple (3.9 km)
  • Bhomoraguri Historical Stone (10.9 km)

Discover Bamuni Hills with Indian Holiday

During your Tezpur tour, visit this place to explore the ancient ruins and admire the artistic architecture. You can cover this hill and other gems of Tezpur by choosing our well-designed tour packages with all travel amenities. We provide the customizable Tezpur tour package that will give you the best of this beautiful town of Assam.


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FAQs about Bamuni Hills

Q: What is the significance of Bamuni Hills?

Ans. Bamuni Hills are significant for their archaeological remains, particularly the stone carvings. These stones depict scenes from Hindu mythology and Buddhist motifs, offering insights into ancient Assamese art and culture.

Q: Are there any facilities available at Bamuni Hills for tourists?

Ans. Bamuni Hills offers basic facilities such as seating areas, restrooms, and informational signboards, which ensure a comfortable and informative experience for tourists.

Q: What are the opening hours of Bamuni Hills?

Ans. Bamuni Hills is open daily from sunrise to sunset, giving tourists enough time to admire ancient ruins and learn about their historical and mythological significance. However, it is advised to visit Bamuni Hills in the early morning for a better view of the surrounding area.

Q: Is there an entry fee for visiting Bamuni Hills?

Ans. No, there is no entry fee to visit Bamuni Hills. It is open to the public, allowing tourists to explore the historical site and appreciate its architectural marvels without paying any fee.

Q: Where is Bamuni Hills situated?

Ans. Bamuni Hills is located in the northeastern state of Assam. They are situated on the right side of the Brahmaputra River in Tezpur in the Sonitpur district.

Q: How many temples are there in Bamuni Hills?

Ans. It is said that there was a Vishnu Temple in the middle with four Shiva Temples in four corners of this hill. Today, you can see the ruins of the temples. There is also an isolated temple on the northeastern side.

Q: Why is Bamuni Hill famous?

Ans. Bamuni Hills are known for their excellent artistic work. The sculptures you see here date back to the 9th and 10th centuries AD.