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Bullock Cart Rides in Thekkady

For an authentic experience, Periyar Tiger Reserve offers a Bullock Cart Discoveries program that allows tourists to explore the forest tracts and villages on bullock carts. These villages near the park are the amalgamation of different agricultural practices and various crops. They are a living example of agriculture and natural flora co-existing without hurting the environment. You can take a bullock cart ride in Thekkady and see the plantations of mangoes, tamarind, onions, sunflowers, jasmine, and vineyards.

Take the bullock cart ride and learn about nature from a novel perspective with the guides. Witness the melange of richly colored crops and natural forests. These bullock carts were once the primary means of transport and can now be experienced on this Thekkady bullock cart ride. The calm and dignified lifestyle of the villages of Thekkady and the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary can be truly explored not on motorcars but on these slow means of transport. It will not just take you to villages to explore the beauty, but also let you gain an insight into the culture of Thekkady.

Why Ride Bullock cart?

  • Bullock cart tours of a village's agricultural in a valley close to the Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • learning about local traditional farming practises,
  • interacting with others in this lovely rural setting

Experience in Bullock Cart

We will travel by bullock into the farmlands of a community that is tucked away in a valley behind the Periyar Tiger Reserve's mountains. It's a fantastic time for beginners to try out this new adventure activity because it can take them into varied terrains for nice sightings. The village is rich in bird diversity and offers fascinating new experiences for dedicated bird watchers. You will adore the scents and colours the abundantly growing sunflowers and jasmine provide to the scene. The region's varied landscape presents us to vineyards, a range of crops, including fruit like mangoes, tamarind, onions, and a score of other veggies. The manual will explain how farming has been skillfully incorporated into.


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