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Tribal Tour in Thekkady

Taking a tribal heritage walk in Thekkady is a popular activity that most Indian tourists don't straight away choose. However, you must know that it is one of Thekkady's most fun and educational activities. The Periyar Tiger Reserve is home to many tribal communities like the Mannans and the Palians. You can take the unique opportunity to visit these tribal communities, gain an insight into their lives, and observe their lifestyle closely.

Tribal Hamlets

The tribal heritage programme requires participants to go along a natural trail to reach a tribal community hidden inside a large forest. A wonderful experience is taking a stroll through the dense forest with its winding brooks and the sound of birds chirping in the distance. The indigenous people still reside in the same gray-thatched homes they have for ages. Despite the difficulties they face, they are a peaceful people that coexist peacefully with nature.

The programme offers the one-of-a-kind chance to interact closely with a tribal community.

On a tribal heritage walk, you will explore tribal villages located in the vicinity of Periyar Tiger Park and also visit Tribal Heritage Museum that features artefacts of ancient agricultural practices, cultural events, rituals, marriage ceremonies, etc.

Tribal Heritage Museum

It is highly recommended to see the Tribal Heritage Museum, which was established by the government tourism officials inside the Mannan settlement. The museum offers a look into the history of the local tribal group and displays relics from prior eras. It offers a glimpse into the community's early culture and way of life.

Various artefacts relating to traditional farming techniques, marriage and death ceremonies, cultural events, and rituals are also on exhibit. These include traditional fishing gear and hunting equipment that the tribal tribe has used for generations. In addition to these, there are costumes, furniture made of bamboo, household items, and vessels.


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