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Kubera Perumal Temple

The Kubara Perumal Temple located at Tiruvannamalai is an architectural marvel. This temple is a unique creation of Rajarshi Siddhar Peedam and Padmaathi Thayar Trust. It is located 1,000 meters north to the Girivalam Path and had been constructed in the year 2002.

Mainly dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Kubera Perumal Temple also has the idol of Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. But the main Lord at the Kubara Perumal Temple is Lord Arunachaleshwar. Lakhs of devotee visit the temple each year. They are required to circumbulate the temple n order to get the blessings of the Lord Vishnu.

The most important aspect of the temple is the 64 feet idol of Lord Vishnu with Srdevi and Bhumadevi. Originally erected in the style of the Tirupati Temple in Tamil Nadu, the Kubara Perumal Temple is just a marvel of the South Indian architecture.

Another splendid architecture at the Kubera Perumal Temple, Tiruvannamalai is the Chariot shaped Vimana which is not found anywhere else in India. The Kubara Perumal Temple is also famous for the temples of, Kamadhenu, Vishnu Kalpavriksha and Visvaksena. So, one can find the Trinity at the Kubera Perumal Temple.

It is the best place for the religiously inclined. The important festivals held at the Kubera Perumal Temple are Vaikunda Ekadasi and Vishnu Festivals. These festivals are also celebrated at Tirupati. The temple remains open from the 6.30 to 10 am. It opens in the morning at 6 am.

There are numerous hotels and customary resorts fro the benefit of the men and women who comes here. Pilgrims shall find all the necessary equipments at Kubara Perumal Temple, Tiruvannamalai to aid them in a successful spiritual quest.