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Churches in Trichy

Trichy is South India is a religious place with numerous places of worship. The Churches in Trichy reflect the colonial past of the country and the religious heritage that is integrally associated with it. The early Cholas were the rulers of this place and Trichy is a unique blend of Oriental and Occidental cultures.

The Churches of Trichy reflects the amalgamated culture of the state. Christianity entered into the city after the British came into the country and made their impact in the lives of men. Gradually the Indians embraced Christianity and so this religion became a part and parcel of Indian population.

Of several Churches in Trichy mention may be made of the few like the Christ Church, St, Xavier’s Church, St Paul’s Church and La Parisuthar Alayam. Christ Church was the first English Fort that has been constructed in Trichy and was built by Schwartz in 1762.

It belongs to the group of preachers who are involved in the task of preaching the words of the Bible. The colossal steeples of the Saint Joseph’s Church are admirable beyond limit and attracts the attention of the tourists. Saint Xavier’s Church symbolizes the good relationship that existed between the Hindus and the Christians from the ancient times.

The important Churches in Trichy:

  • Loudes Church is located in the college campus of Saint Joseph and the Gothic architectural style is reflected here. There is a 200 feet tall spire in the Church and this is visible from a radius of 8 kilometers. The stained glass panels retell the beautiful stories of the Bible and a visit to this Church in Trichy is an invigorating experience.
  • St. John's Church was constructed in the year 1821 and has a graveyard inside this Church. They are decorated in a superb manner and lures tourists.
  • Kandal Cross Shrine is another tourist destination in Trichy remarkable for its unique and excellent in its own way.