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Kandal Cross Shrine Trichy

Trichy is one of the most visited places in India and is renowned for the multiple churches that act as additives to the glory of the town. Kandal Cross Shrine is located in Trichy. It has been dedicated to Jesus Christ. The Christian Community regularly pays a visit to the Church in order to pay homage to the Lord and prays for the fulfillment of its desires.

Apart from the Kandal Cross Shrine there are numerous other places of interest in the Trichy area. They include Churches like Saint Joseph’s Church, Christ Church and the Saint Xavier’s Church. There is a subtle distinction between the Church and the Cathedral. A Church may be constructed in any shape and form, but this Cathedral is constructed specifically like a cross, with graveyard at the back.

Similarly, the Kandal Cross Shrine is a Church with a rectangular shape and a graveyard at the back for the dead people. Tiruchirapally is located on the banks of the river Cauvery and is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu. The original name of this place is Trichy. Churches, Colleges and Missionaries of this region dates back to the early 1760s.

The town and forts have been the gift of the Nayakas of Madurai. They have been the rulers in this region and have left their impact on the cultures and minds of men. Numerous Tamil scholars are there in Trichy and they have tried to put in their best efforts to contribute to the rich cultural heritage of the Tamil Literature and Language.

Trichy is also a reputed commercial centre that exports a huge amount of handloom clothes, cigars and glass bangles. The church is open to all and people believe that by lighting a candle in front of the divine mother; one can get rid of the pangs of life.

Wooden and clay toys are also available here. On the historical grounds of Trichy the Carnatic Wars had been fought. Till today, this is the place where people come to pay their homage to the divine Lord, Christ.