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Lourde's Church Trichy

Trichy is a religious place and abounds in Churches, Temples and other religious monuments. The most important is the St Lourde’s Church which dates back to a century. The Lourde’s Church is located inside the college campus of St Joseph.

Lourde’s Church, Trichy displays a unique Gothic Architectural style and had been constructed by the famous architect named Savarimuthu. He was given extensive training and under him there was a large group who devoted their time in erecting this marvelous artifact.

The Lourde’s Church is also known as Our Lady of Lourde. The most important feature of this church is the presence of the 200 feet tall spire that embellishes the Church. This steeple is visible from a radius of 8 kilometers around it.

The congregation on the Sundays at the Lourde’s Church is attended by 6000 people. The Church has not been repainted outside. This enables it to retain its antiquity. Throughout the year people flock at this Church and asks fro the blessings of the Lord. The local people folds their hands and pay homage to the Lord residing inside the Church.

The Lourde’s Church, Trichy is a replica of the famous Church at France known as Basilica of Lourdes. The Church at France is known for its curative value and therefore for the believers, the Basilica of Lourdes is the right place to find solace from their bodily pains.

There is a healing power bath which is impregnated with tremendous therapeutic energy. People are said to be relieved from their physical pains once they dipped into that holy water. It is the best place for pilgrimage in Southern France.

The Lourde’s Church in Trichy is famous for the unique glass paintings and attracts tourist from across the globe. The Lourde’s Church at Trichy is a place for pilgrimage for the religiously inclined and is a place for enjoyment for the artistically minded. It is a marvel of Indian architecture and craftsmanship.