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Temples in Trichy

There are a large number of temples in the heart of the Trichy City. Trichy is also known as Tiruchirapally and is located on the banks of the river Kauvery and is the most important town in the South.

It is also renowned for the wide number of temples, old forts and monuments that are located there. Temples in Trichy points towards the rich heritage of Indian culture and also indicates the golden moments of the past gifted by the efficient kings.

The old city of Trichy has been the bastion of the Old Chola and Pallava Dynasties that ruled the south for a sufficiently long period of time. A perfect blend of Oriental and Occidental culture identifies the city of Trichy from the others.

There are numerous colleges Universities and temples, churches that embellish the city and it is a major tourist destination in South India. Temples in Trichy includes the following:

  • Rock Fort Temple: Trichy is a temple in Trichy that had been carved out from a single rock structure. It looks like a marvelous monument that had been the main centre where the Karnatic War had been fought.
  • Sri Ranganathaswami Temple in Trichy: Trichy is the largest performing temple of India. It has a glorious past and it is believed that the idol of the Lord kept inside the temple has been handed over by Brahma to his followers.
  • Kailasamundaiyar Temple: This is another temple that the Shivaites would love to visit. Samayapuram Mariamman Temple is an important Temple of South India and the temple has been dedicated to Goddess Mariamman.
  • Jambukeswara Temple: Trichy has been dedicated to Lord Shiva and has five concentric walls with seven Gopurams. The main feature of this temple is that the Non Hindus are not allowed here.
  • Chayavaneashwara Temple: Has been dedicated to Lord Chayavaneashwara and has a legendary pat associated with it.

The Temples in Trichy holds the wonderful moments of the past and the architecture of these temples are beyond compare. The temples are simply studded with rich architectural carvings by expert hands. Temples of Trichy reminds us of the ancient heritage of India.