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Chayavaneashwara Temple Trichy

One of the most important pilgrimage centers of India, Tamil Nadu is home to numerous temples, all of which date back to times immemorial and are proud witnesses of an era long past. The piety and the warmth with which most of the Tamils carry out their religious duties are so sincere that even the firmest atheist can be transformed into the staunchest believer. Notable among the various temples of Tamil Nadu is the Chayavaneashwara Temple.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple of Chayavaneashwara is one of the most sacred temples of Tamil Nadu and is visited by thousands of devotees each year. Situated at the confluence of River Kaveri with the sea (known as Kaveri- patnam), the temple is around two miles away from Tiruvengadu. The temple, one of the most revered places of worship in Tamil Nadu is also made famous by its association with Iyarpagai Nayanar, one of the sixty-three Nayanmars or Saivite saints of South India.