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Places to Visit in Tripura

Despite being a small state, there are many tourist places in Tripura attracting tourists of every kind - adventurers, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, history geeks, and birdwatchers. The breathtaking landscapes comprising shimmering lakes, crystal clear skies, and undulating hills make Tripura one of the best travel destinations in India. Not just this, but Tripura has been ruled by several kings over decades and was once home to the renowned Manikya tribe. As a result, numerous archaeological structures are present in the state. 

In addition, Tripura is the land of 19 tribes with unique traditions, bringing many tourists from around the world. And when it comes to natural beauty, the list should be shorter. From pristine lakes to waterfalls, many natural wonders calm the senses of travelers.

Tripura places to visit cover nature's beauty, unique landscapes, thrilling adventure, and spirituality. Apart from it, religious festivals, food, adventure activities, shopping, and warm people are other attractions that urge travelers to plan a trip to Tripura. If you are planning to, here is a well-curated list of famous attractions in Tripura for you.

Here are the best tourist places to visit in Tripura.


The capital city, Agartala, is among Tripura’s largest cities. This is the best place to begin your Tripura tour. Agartala boasts green fields, lively markets, picturesque valleys, and rolling hills, delighting travelers. Plan at least two days in Tripura as it has a lot of attractions to cover, Ujjayanta Palace being the most prominent. This palace is the royal house that Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya, or the Manikya tribe, built-in 1899. Plus, the architecture of this building is exquisite, with three domes, carved wooden ceilings, ornamented doors, and tiled floors. The Mughal-style garden on the outside is a must-visit.


Among the best places to visit in Tripura is Amarpura, renowned for its ancient ruins. It has a well-known temple devoted to the eight-headed goddess, Mangalchand—people from far and wide visit here to seek blessings. If you come to Tripura with your family, Amarpura is considered the ideal picnic spot. For more enjoyment, visit Amar Sagar Lake, an artificial lake of the 16th century. Tourists in February must attend the “Flower Show,” which celebrates the month of flowers. Besides, Dumboor Lake and Chobimura are two lakes in Amarpura. Travelers love to come by and relax.


Noted for Neermahal or Water Palace, Melaghar is located around 50 km from Agartala. Situated in the center of Rudrasagar Lake, Melaghar is visited for its Durga Puja Festival. During this time, the town is decorated with lights, puja pandals are set up, and everybody has a good time. Ratha Yatra is another festival held in July. Apart from this, Melaghar is a peaceful location. For shopping, there is Anandabazar, which comprises everything from daily essentials to extensive showrooms. Remember to check out other attractions in Melaghar, like Pagli Masi Temple, Melaghar Kali Temple, and Veeramma Kali Mandir.


If you visit Tripura during summer, stay in Kailashahar, as it is one of the more incredible places that relieve the summer heat. Kailashahar is a town in Tripura, located in proximity to Bangladesh borders. It was once the capital of Tripura and is associated with Unakoti, the erstwhile princely state of Tripura ruled by the Maharajas of the Manikya dynasty. Kailashahar, like Melaghar, is also known for Durga Puja, which the whole town celebrates by lights and worshiping Maa Durga. Nature lovers will have a good time admiring the natural vistas of lush gardens. Lakhi Narayan Bari, Chouddo Devotar Temple. And tea estates are the main attractions of Kailashahar.


Dharamnagar has many historical monuments built over ancient ruins, attracting history buffs. Also, it is the second-largest city and one of the best tourist places in Tripura. Located in the state's northern part, this city is famous for its beautiful landscapes. You can visit Dharamnagar during summer and winter as the temperature remains mild, making sightseeing comfortable. However, the rains are pretty heavy here. If tea gardens pique your interest, head to Haflong, known for its scenic charm. Unakoti is another attraction, an ancient site with massive rock-cut images near Dharmanagar.


Located on the banks of the Gomai River, Udaipur in Tripura was earlier known as Ranganati. It is notable for its ancient temples like Sundari Temple, one of the top religious places to visit in Tripura. It is part of the 51 Shakti Peethas and has a lake beside it called Kalyan Sagar. Bhubaneshwar Temple is also a prominent temple in Udaipur. Udaipur has many artificial lakes, including Dhani Sagar, Amar Sagar, Jagannath Dighi, and Bijoy Sagar. Home to so many lakes, it is called the city of lakes. If you are a book lover, visit the Nazrul Granthagar Library.


If you wish to explore ancient temples, Ambassa is the right choice. This city is one of the best tourist places in Tripura for spiritually inclined tourists. Along with temples, the town has many spectacular landscapes and vibrant culture. You can explore some popular attractions of Ambassa, like Neermahal Palace, Pilak, Chabimura, Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary, and Jagannath Temple. Also, visit Nalkata, a huge juice plant around 38 km from Ambassa. And lastly, for shopping, you will find many handicraft shops near this juice plant.

Jampui Hills

Among the most beautiful places in Tripura is Jampui Hills. Located at 1000 meters above sea level, this place is in the northern part of the state and is visited for its beautiful valleys and stunning scenery. It is the land of juicy oranges, so grab some and savor them. Ujjayanta Palace, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, and Chittagong Hills are famous places to visit here. For the best weather, plan a Jampui Hills tour in November. In addition, you can explore the variety of flora and fauna and witness different species in the sanctuary.

With this list of tourist places to visit in Tripura, plan a tour with Tripura tour packages by Indian Holiday. Get well-designed packages that include meals, stays, transfers, and sightseeing tours that cover the top attractions in Tripura city. Contact us today to know more. 


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