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Clouded Leopard National Park

Situated inside Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, Clouded Leopard National Park Tripura has abundant flora, fauna, avifauna, and more wildlife species. However, this national park is renowned for its captive Clouded Leopard. The endemic species of Tripura - a spectacled langur, also known as Presbytis - is abundant here. Other mammals include jungle fowl, barking deer, wild pigs, and leopards. Apart from the animal species, the national park also offers a botanical garden, a lake, and a zoo,which keeps tourists engaged.

Clouded Leopard National Park of Tripura was established in 2007, covering 5.08 square kilometers. To protect biodiversity, this national park is strictly reserved for improving wildlife. And for this, forestry, poaching, hunting, grazing, and any development are not permitted here. The boundaries are marked and restricted. If you wish to explore Tripura's wildlife and spend time amidst Mother Nature, plan a trip to Clouded Leopard National Park.

Fauna in Clouded Leopard National Park 

This Tripura National Park is home to popular fauna, including Leopard, Jungle Fowl, Barking Deer, Clouded Leopard, Wild Pig, Civets, Langur, Capped Langur, Rhesus Macaque, Pigtailed Macaque, and Slow Loris. Popular bird species in Clouded Leopard National Park include the billed Stork, White Ibis, and Whistling Teal.

Flora in Clouded Leopard National Park 

Some famous flora in this national park include - Chamal, Pichla, Bahera, Amlaki, Hargaja, Bamboo, Garjan, Nageshwar, Agar, Sal, Awla, Kanak, Kurcha, etc.

Other Attractions in Clouded Leopard National Park Tripura

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary houses more than 150 species of residential birds and migratory birds, a botanical garden, a zoo, elephant rides, coffee plantations, an orchid garden, and boating facilities. Moreover, it is an academic and research center. The feature that makes wildlife buffs' trip to this wildlife sanctuary delightful is the well-known spectacled monkey, now a rare species.

Sepahijala Zoological Park

It was established to conserve and breed rare and endangered fauna, specifically the Clouded Leopard. In its initial stage, the zoo provided recreation to the locals; later, it became a mini deer park in 1972. As time went by, the objective changed as per the national zoo rule and according to the guidelines of the Central Zoo Authority. Sepahijala Zoological Park's main aim is to conserve, educate, research, and recreation.


Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, in which the Clouded Leopard National Park is located, also has several lakes. Among them, Amrit Sagar Lake is the most famous one and offers boating facilities. 

  • Clouded Leopard National Park Timings - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 
  • Entry Fee - INR 12 for adults and INR 8 for children
  • Days this national park is closed - Every Friday

Best Time to Visit Clouded Leopard National Park 

November to May is undoubtedly the best time to visit Clouded Leopard National Park Tripura. The weather is pleasant during this time, and you can enjoy wildlife exploration and boating facilities. And though the region enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, the summer months of March and April are the most humid. Further, the state receives an average annual rainfall of 2,024.4 mm, with the maximum rainfall between July and September.

How to Reach Clouded Leopard National Park 

You can reach Clouded Leopard National Park by air, rail, or road. 

  • By Air - Take a flight to Agartala Airport, around 34 km from the national park. The airport is well-connected to prominent cities of India like Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, and Kolkata. Taxis and buses are available to reach the national park from the airport.
  • By Rail - Kumarghat railway station is the nearest, located 157 km away from Clouded Leopard National Park. This airport is also well-linked to the major cities. You can hire taxis or cabs from the train station to the park.
  • By Road – Tripura state has well-maintained roads connecting nearby cities and towns. You can also drive from Guwahati to the national park. Several private and government-owned buses also run to Tripura from neighboring places like Shillong, Dharmanagar, and Guwahati at frequent intervals.

Accommodation in Clouded Leopard National Park 

Abasarika is a dark bungalow located inside the national park. It is located near the botanical garden, zoo, and lake, attracting tourists for a memorable wildlife experience. You can stay here or choose private hotels or resorts in Agartala. For more information, contact Indian Holiday to book Tripura tour packages.


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