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Jampui Hills Tripura

The endless tea plantations, lovely orchids, and juicy oranges make Jampui Hills Tripura one of the most famous places to visit in North East India. The picturesque surroundings have earned this place the name of the “eternal hills of spring.” In addition, the pleasant weather and lush green hills make a trip to Jampui Hills more delightful.

If you want to spend days relaxing amidst undaunting beauty, visit Jampui Hills in Tripura. The best time to visit Jampui Hills is from November to February, as the weather is cool and perfect for sightseeing.

The Mizo people have occupied the areas surrounding Jampui Hills since the 16th century. As time passed, they became known as the Halam community. As per history, the Mizo people took Jampui Hills in Tripura under the leadership of the Rivung, Zadeng, and Thangluah tribes.

Between the 17th and 18th centuries, Sibuta was observed as one of the greatest Mizo chiefs. However, people believe that the mid-18th century was not a great time for the Mizo community as a dreadful disease called Zawnghri spread, leaving the tribes no choice but to vacate Tripura Jampui Hill.

Things to Do in Jampui Hills

Here are the top things you can do to make your visit to Jampui Hills Tripura memorable -

Enjoy the views of the sun-rising

Head to Sunset Point, located a 5-minute from Eden Tourist Lodge, to witness the sun at dawn. Visit again in the evening to see the shades of orange, pink, and blue in the sky. You must wake up early to witness the sunrise, but it will be worth it.

Get familiar with the local life at Jampui Hills.

We are located approx. 200 km from Agartala, Jampui Hills has no malls, fancy markets, and a proper network. So, if you wish to connect with nature without any disturbances, there is no better place than Jampui Hills. You can stay at Eden Tourist Lodge and wander through the streets. Interact with the locals to know more about their lifestyle. Visit the orange plantations, Vanghmun village, and behold the little houses on stilts. Chickens, hens, and roosters are a common sight in Jampui Hills.

Drive up to Betlingchhip for mesmerizing Hill Views.

Perched at 3,600 feet, Betlingchhip is the highest peak in Tripura. It lies approx. 32 km away from Vanghmun. Once you reach here, witness the jaw-dropping views from the watchtower. See the rolling hill ranges in the neighboring states of Mizoram and Bangladesh. The drive is scenic and passes through orange plantations, which are at their brightest during November and December.

Marvel at the gigantic rock sculptures in Unakoti

Drive to Unakoti, around 5 hours from Jampui Hills, to see the massive rock sculptures. They date back to the 9th or 10th century. These include sculptures of Shiva’s head, regarded as the largest in the country. Next, take a short walk atop a hillock and find stone statues in temples.

How to Reach Jampui Hills Tripura

Agartala Airport is located around 200 km away. The airport has good air connectivity with Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, and other cities. From there, you can take local transport to Jampui Hills. If coming by train, either deboard at Dharmanagar Station, Panisagar, or Pecharthal station. Take local means of transportation from outside the railway stations. And if you stay in nearby towns or cities like Silchar and Aizawl, you can quickly drive to Jampui Hills via the well-maintained network of roads. Buses and taxis are also available.

Nearby Attractions

Here are some places to visit near Jampui Hills Tripura:

Reiek Village

About 208 km from Jampui Hills, Reiek is a village located on a prominent mountain. And though it seems to have gentle slopes, the hill has rocky cliffs, caves, and caverns with luxuriant forests since the time of the Mizo people. The mountain road passes through verdant hills, the Tlawng River that flows through a narrow rocky gorge, and climbs the mountain. The village has traditional huts of different Mizo sub-tribes, a bachelor dormitory, a chief chieftain’s house, and more. The Department of Tourism maintains them. 


Unakoti is located around 68 km away from Jampui Hills. It is a pilgrimage site, dating back to the 7th - 9th centuries, in the Kailashahar subdivision in north Tripura. Unakoti is renowned for its rock-cut carvings and attracts many people yearly. A legend associated with Unakoti says that Lord Shiva spent a night here on his way to Kashi (Varanasi). Before sleeping, Lord Shiva asked his colleagues to wake up early the following day to head to Kashi. Unfortunately, no one woke up before dawn. In His wrath, Lord Shiva turned them into stones, which is now the main attraction in Unakoti.

Dampa Tiger Reserve

The largest wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram, Dampa Tiger Reserve, is located approx. 130 km away from Jampui Hills. This reserve is a biodiversity hotspot covering an area of 500 square kilometers, providing shelter to elephants, tigers, bears, gaur, dhole, and other mammals. The tiger reserve is also rich in avifauna, which includes Wood Pigeons, Jungle Fowls, Hornbills, and Pheasants. Visit here between October and April for a pleasant wildlife exploration experience.

Dumboor Lake

A beautiful location near Jampui Hills, Dumboor Lake is a tabor-shaped small drum resembling Lord Shiva’s “door,” hence the name. It is a water body in the Amarpur Sub Division of 41 square kilometers. The lake looks spectacular with encircling luxuriant green vegetation. Migratory birds and water sports facilities are the main attraction of Dumboor Lake. There is a Hydel Project near the lake where the Gomti River originates called Tirthamukh. On 14th January every year, ‘Poush Sankranti Mela’ is held here, attracting hundreds of locals and tourists.

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