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Tour to Sajjangarh

Rajasthan is not only famous for the desert. Yes, it's true that the desert is the most popular attractions of Rajasthan and the tourism of Rajasthan have had grown around it but there are also a number of other attractions in Rajasthan. These attractions are also a major draw for tourists as they add a lot of variety to Rajasthan tours. Moreover, Rajasthan tourism not only offers variety, it also offers quantity as there is a huge number of Rajasthan Tourist Attractions. In fact, there are so many Rajasthan Tourist Attractions that it needs several Rajasthan tours to cover all of them. Hence, most of the tourists nest in a place which has a large number of nearby tourist attractions. This helps them to travel less but visit a large number of attractions. As Udaipur has a large number of attractions there are a number of excursions from Udaipur. These excursions are a great attraction for tourists as they take you to these attractive tourist spots. Tour to Sajjangarh is an integral part of excursions from Udaipur. With a lot of places and tourist attractions Sajjangarh tours are truly great experiences for tourists.

Attractions of Sajjangarh

One of the finest places in Rajasthan is Sajjangarh. Located very close to the desert, Sajjangarh offers a picturesque surrounding. Tour to Sajjangarh takes you to some of the places tat boast great natural beauty. There are a number of places of tourist attraction in Sajjangarh. Some of the most popular tourist places are as follows:

  • Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary: Located at a distance of 5 kilometers from West of Udaipur, Sajjangarh wildlife sanctuary is one of the most visited places in Rajasthan. Surrounding the Sajjangarh Palace, it overlooks the Udaipur city. The Safari Park within the sanctuary was built with a definite purpose to protect a number of wild animals like Wild Boar, Sambar, Blue Bull and Chital. On visiting the place you will also be able to witness a number of other wild animals like Hyena, Hare, Panther and Jackal. It will truly be a great experience for the tourists to visit this place.
  • Tiger Lake: Constructed by the Maharana Raj Singhji the Tiger Lake was built in the year 1664 A.D. The lake is also known as Jivan Sagar and Bari Lake. It is located on the north west of Sajjangarh. The lake was named after Jana Devi, who was the mother of Maharana. It is spread across an area of 1.25 square miles and can hold 400 million cubic feet of the water.
  • Sajjangarh Palace: Sajjangarh Palace is also a great place to visit during the tour to Sajjangarh. Though it is in a bit of bad condition due to lack of proper maintenance yet the various features of the palace are worthy to watch. The palace also provides a magnificent view of the Aravalli hills ranges and the lakes of Udaipur. Hence, a visit to the Sajjangarh Palace is also a must during tour to Sajjangarh.  

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