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Monsoon Palace Udaipur

Also known as the Sajjan Garh Palace, the Monsoon Palace is an astounding gem of Udaipur. Perched atop a hill, the architectural wonder has derived its name from Maharana Sajjan Singh. In fact, the glorious edifice was constructed to overlook Chittorgarh, Maharana’s hometown. Interestingly, the fairytale-like castle dates back to 19th-century.

A hilltop palatial residence, Monsoon Palace in Udaipur stands as a testament to the glorious past of Rajasthan. Another interesting legend goes on to suggest that the palace was built chiefly to keep a check on the monsoon clouds. Hence, the picture-perfect edifice flaunts that name.

Initially, the plan was to build a five-storey astronomical center. But, the idea was canceled due to the death of Maharana Sajjan Singh. The Sajjan Garh Palace was then turned into hunting lodge and a monsoon palace. Owing to be perched at a high altitude, the citadel witnesses several visitors flocking every day to witness the spectacular sunset.

Reaching there to marvel at the stunning views is surely one of the best things to do in Udaipur. Besides, the rain harvesting technique employed in the former royal residence also grabs the attention. Understanding the technique inspires many to work on the idea and practice it in daily life. Furthermore, visiting the Sajjan Garh Wildlife Sanctuary nearby add a dash of adventure to the trip.    

Also, the Monsoon Palace offers breathtaking views of the city, lakes and nearby surroundings. For this reason, the Sajjan Garh stands out amongst the rest of the places to visit in Udaipur. An epitome of the Rajput architectural style, the palace has been built using white marble. The timeless beauty is apparent in its towers, turrets and pillars with attractive motifs of flowers and leaves.

How to reach the Monsoon Palace?

By Air – Maharana Pratap Airport is the nearest airport to the Monsoon Palace. It lies at a distance of 31.5 km from here.

By Train – In order to reach the palace by train, one must de board at the Udaipur Railway Station which is merely 10.8 km away.

By Road – A taxi service runs between the palace and the Bagore Ki Haveli every day. The place is located 4 km away from the palace.

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