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Monsoon Palace Udaipur

The 18th century Summer Resort or the Monsoon Palace of the Maharajas, Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace is set atop a hill overlooking the Fateh Sagar Lake. Built by its namesake Maharana Sajjan Singh in 1884, Sajjangarh Fort lies about 5 km to the west of Udaipur city in Rajasthan, India. The fort today stands as a small palace with scenic surroundings that can be approached both by car and boat.

Sajjangarh Fort near Udaipur is situated on a hill top, at a height of 3100 feet above sea level, and about 1100 feet above the Fateh Sagar Lake. The palaces of the fort look like a tiara on the head of a rocky hill, the one atop which the fort stands majestically. The rocky crag is huge and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, lovely lakes and snow-white palaces.

The Sajjangarh monsoon palace has turrets, with guards regulating each of the towers. The palace features a grand central staircase and several rooms and quarters. The lower level of the palace has a galley which used to house killed victims and invaders who have been poisoned and hanged.

To the left of Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace in Rajasthan India lies Shikarbadi or the Khas Odi - a hunting lodge of the Royal Family of Mewar. The hillside is thickly wooded, and Sajjangarh Fort near Udaipur overlooks the rugged jungle that is an excellent wildlife retreat. Some of the enchanting wildlife species that can be commonly spotted from Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace Udaipur include spotted deer, nilgai, monkeys, peacocks, and a host of migratory birds.

History of Monsoon Palace Udaipur

A palatial residence in the state of Rajasthan, Sajjangarh Fort near Udaipur was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh in 1884. The fort was built by the Maharana as an observatory that would facilitate watching the progress of the monsoon clouds over the surrounding areas. Hence, the palace is also referred at times as Monsoon Palace Udaipur.

It is believed that Maharana Sajjan Singh had planned to build a 9 storey observatory at the site, but his dream could not be fulfilled because of his untimely death at the mere age of 26. Sajjangarh Fort near Udaipur in Rajasthan offers breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes, palaces and the countryside around. Now converted into a communication tower, Monsoon Palace in Udaipur houses a bronze statue of Maharana Pratap - the legendary warrior king of Udaipur.

How to reach the Monsoon Palace?

By Air – Maharana Pratap Airport is the nearest airport to the Monsoon Palace. It lies at a distance of 31.5 km from here.

By Train – In order to reach the palace by train, one must de board at the Udaipur Railway Station which is merely 10.8 km away.

By Road – A taxi service runs between the palace and the Bagore Ki Haveli every day. The place is located 4 km away from the palace.

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