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Jagdish Temple in Udaipur

Among the renowned temples of Udaipur, Jagdish Temple is much talked about for its architectural brilliance. The temple is situated in the center of Udaipur city in Rajasthan. Formerly called the Jagannath Rai temple, it is now known as Jagdish-ji temple. It was built in 1651 and flaunts a hall with two stories. The style of temple architecture is quite similar to Indo - Aryan designs.

Architecture of Jagdish Temple

Constructed in 1651 A.D. by Maharana Jagat Singh I, the Jagdish temple in Udaipur is a three-storied monument. Its wall paintings, beautiful ceilings and luxurious halls are the main highlights. It is believed that around 1.5 million rupees was used to make this temple.

While exploring this temple, you will come across an elegant spire of 79 feet long. The spire is carved with the beautiful figures of elephant, musician, horsemen and dancer. Further, when you come close to the entrance point of the temple, you get to see two large stone elephants. There is a stone slab near entrance point. You can check inscriptions on this slab which refer to Maharaja Jagat Singh.

After climbing 32 marbled steps of the temple, you will be able to enter the main shrine. Here, you will encounter a figure which looks like half-eagle and half-man. This figure is actually called Garuda. Lord Garuda is the mount of Lord Vishnu.

In the main shrine of the temple, you will see a mesmerizing figure of Hindu Deity Vishnu with four arms. This image is made of one full piece of black stone. There are four other surrounding shrines in the complex. These shrines contain the figures of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Shakti and Sun God.

Gradually, your attention will shift to the other elements of this temple like pyramid shaped spire, porch and prayer hall. First and the second stories of the temple contain 100 pillars in total. You can stop near any of those pillars to explore beautiful carvings.

How to reach Jagdish Temple

Udaipur Jagdish Temple is one of the best tourist attractions  in Udaipur in the region. To visit Jagdish temple, you need to come to Gangaur Ghat Road, Lal Ghat.

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