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Kankroli Temple Udaipur

Around 65 km from Udaipur, the Kankroli temple is located in a small town with the same name. Popularly known as the Dwarkadhish temple as it is one of the names of Lord Krishna, it is placed on the banks of the famous Rajsamand Lake.

Construction of Kankroli Temple

The temple was built in 1676 AD and is dedicated to Lord Dwarkadhish. It is said that the red-colored idol of the Lord was brought from Mathura by Maharana Raj Singh I. This temple is also the third peeth of the Vaishnava religion.

Significance of the Kankroli Temple

This temple is of great importance as it belongs to the Vaishnavas and Vallabhacharya sect. The main deity of Kankroli temple is believed to have been imported from the hometown of Lord Krishna, Mathura.

History of the Kankroli Temple

Lord Dwarkadhish’s idol was brought to Udaipur in 1671 AD at the time of Maharana Raj Singh. It was installed in the present temple, built during Rajsamand Lake’s inauguration in 1676 AD. During this time, Shri Bal Krishna Ji, the grandson of Vallabhacharya, took care of the deity. Since then, Kankroli Temple has been the third peeth of the Vaishnava religion as Pushtimarg.

The architecture of the Kankroli Temple

Kankroli Temple Udaipur looks like Nathdwara Temple Udaipur. It has a small garden where a visitor can sit in peace. Also, there’s a library with a vast collection of old books. Kankroli Temple also has a band group.

People visit Kankroli Temple in great numbers every year to soak in the tranquility. So, if you are planning to visit Udaipur, contact Indian Holiday to book a trip to Udaipur and receive the blessings of Lord Dwarkadhish.

How to Reach Kankroli Temple

Buses and cabs are available from Udaipur to Kankroli Temple.

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