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Bhartrihari Temple in Ujjain

Bhartrihari Temple is located very near the popular Shipra River in Ujjain, and is frequented by the visitors. It is the cave of the famous sage of India, who is known as Bhartrihari. This temple is situated on the Shipra River Banks. Sage Bhartrihari is said to be the step brother of Vikramaditya. He meditated in those caves so, the caves came to be known as Bhartrihari Caves. His renowned works includes the Shringarshatak, Vairagyashatak, and Nitishatak.

History of the Bhartrihari Temple:

The history of the Bhartrihari Temple, Ujjain dates back to the ages past when the great priest and philosopher named Bhartrihari meditated in the banks of the River Shipra. Perhaps the shimmering river helped him in his prayers. But the caves came to be known as the Bhartrihari Caves afterwards and people visit here and pay homage to the great sage.

How to Reach the Bhartrihari Caves:

You can fly to Indore and from there hire a bus or a car that would reach you to the temple, or else you can also take a train to Ujjain because the city is well linked with the major cities by rail link.


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