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Chintamani Ganesh Ujjain

Chintamani Ganesh Temple is said to be one of the most ancient temples of Ujjain, it is also one of the most visited places in Madhya Pradesh. Chintamani in Hindi means Lord Vishnu; it is the other name for Vishnu. So, the temple that has the idol of Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu together, is known as the Chintamani Temple.

The temple is very old and the sight of the temple itself reveals its age. It consists of the colossal image of Lord Ganesh and according to the Hindu Mythology; he came into the earth and created the temple for himself.

History of the Chintamani Ganesh Temple:

The history of the Chintamani Ganesh Temple dates back to the ancient period when the people used to believe in the notion that the gods and he goddesses come alive on the earth for their purpose or to attend their follower's ardent prayers; from such a notion came the idea that the Lord Ganesh came into the earth and created the temple for himself in Ujjain is very popular.

During Sagar Manthan, churning of the sea by the Gods and the Demons, Amrita or nectar came up from the ocean. One drop fell in Ujjain thereby making it sacred. Whosoever visits this place shall be filled with all the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses residing there.

How to Reach Chintamani Ganesh Temple:

One can reach the Chintamani Ganesh Temple, Ujjain by plane to Indore or directly by train. So, after reaching the city you can come to the Chintamani Temple by hired bus or car.


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