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Gardens in Uttar Pradesh

Taj is right at the top of the popularity charts but there are several other Tourist Attractions in Uttar Pradesh that are all well worth a visit. Apart from the fine monuments, most of which are nothing less than architectural marvels, the museums and galleries, all of which are rich repositories of arts and artifacts, the holy places that includes temples, mosques and places of worship of other religions, there are some beautiful Gardens in Uttar Pradesh as well.

The Gardens in Uttar Pradesh constitute of well manicured lawns, an extensive part of these lush green lawns are covered with flowering plants of different varieties. Just a look at the Gardens in Uttar Pradesh is a visual treat; they are a riot of colors. Most of the important cities in Uttar Pradesh are home to at least one garden. They are visited by tourists but they are at the same time meeting grounds for the residents of the city, particularly the old people. Ideal for long walks and for moments of relaxation, some of these gardens are also home to some beautiful structures.

Agra boasts of several gardens and so does Lucknow and Kanpur. The Taj Mahal is a magnificent structure and as for the Taj Mahal Garden it is also a rare beauty. Lined with trees and fountains, it is divided into 16 flower beds. The Dayalbagh Gardens is distinctly different from all the other Gardens in Uttar Pradesh because it is the headquarters of the Radhasaomi religious sect. A beautiful pillared memorial made of white marble is located in this garden.

The Sikandar Bagh in Lucknow also finds a special mention amongst the various Gardens in Uttar Pradesh. It has a lot of historical significance because this pleasure garden was the spot where many brave Indians had gathered at the time of the Great Revolt of 1857. Though they gave up their lives their courageous resistance is eulogized to this day.

Some of the gardens have also developed into parks. Complete with swings and see saws, they are an eternal favorite with the children. Families also come here for picnics. Nature lovers will also surely have a fantastic time in these Parks in Uttar Pradesh.

The religious destinations like Vrindavan, Sarnath, Varanasi, Kushinagar and Allahabad also have lovely gardens where one would definitely want to spend some quality time. Breathing the fresh air, lazing in the green carpeted grounds, enjoying the beauty of the flowers, witnessing the impressive structures that are there within some of the garden complex - visitors can do all this when visiting the different Gardens in Uttar Pradesh.

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