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Camping in Uttarakhand

To get away from the clutches of civilization and enjoy natural beauty is the spice of camping, a hobby for many a blithe spirit. Camping is a delightful experience, including swimming, hiking, fishing and hunting etc. Since Camping comprises many an outstanding challenge thrown in the face of the campers, from unknown angles, physical fitness and mental stability are the keywords for camping.

Camping in Uttarakhand is a pleasant experience amidst the snowy hills, and intermittent snowfall adds a new dimension to the camping expedition. Tons Valley in Uttarakhand located 3,600 feet above the sea-level, is an ideal place for family camping. For a die hard adventure seeker, Tons Valley is the right place, where a delightful camping expedition brings a fresh lease of life. Uttarakhand with its idyllic mountain resort offers exquisite camping facilities for a visitor. Thick with rare and exquisite flora and fauna, Uttarakhand is also a camping paradise.

Among the pine, fir, birch and rhododendron trees, one finds ample scope of escapade, especially from the humdrum of daily life. Since tropical heat sometimes becomes intolerable, people gather in Uttarakhand for a Summer Camping, where songs and dances echo their ecstasy. The mountains in the background and the pines seem to sway with these cheerful people, and a scene beyond expression is created.

Summer Camps are usually concentrated in Lunagad, Western Uttarakhand, but the principle attraction is Tons Valley in Uttarakhand. It is the main site for camping expedition, where people congregate when the summer-heat becomes unbearable. Supposed to have descended from the Kauravas and Pandavas, the people of Tons Valley possess a different culture than the other inhabitants of Garhwal. Come to Uttarakhand for an exquisite Camping expedition.

These Adventure sports in Uttarakhand teach one the hardships of life which coexist along with the supreme beauty of nature, where the trivialities of the daily life fade into oblivion.Skiing, River rafting, and paragliding also feature in the list of Adventure sports in Uttarakhand.

Destinations Best Time to go
Shivpuri February to Mid-May And September to November
Chopta Apr to Jun And September to November
Roopkund May June and Sept Oct
Deoria Tal March to May and October to November
Kanatal Throughout the year
Dhanaulti October to June

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