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Paragliding in Uttarakhand

Those who desire to fly like free birds to get the mind-blowing aerial view of the mountain peaks, paragliding is the best option by the help of which, the tourist can fulfill his wish. Paragliding in Uttarakhand will help the tourists to conquer the fear of heights and tourists will have a wonderful experience - something that they can treasure for their life. The most thrilling part of this sport is the boundless freedom in the open sky.

The process of paragliding differs from parasailing. The gliders are taken to the gentle hill side to start the sport. Paragliding in Uttarakhand is a much attempted sport. The Paragliding is not motorized and the pilot is attached with a harness in a comfortable sitting position so that the glider can enjoy the ride.

For learners, experienced trainers are available and apart from that the Uttarakhand paragliding clubs are the best places to enjoy the sport, learn it and polish your skill. The paragliding clubs in Uttarakhand provide the tourists with all kinds of equipments and safety is of foremost importance in the list, so tourists can trust the clubs and enjoy the thrill of the sport. The common and popular sites of paragliding are Pithoragarh, Mussoorie, Ranikhet, Dayara, Dhanolti Ridge, and Nainital in Kumaon.


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