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River Rafting in Uttarakhand

Come prepared for the life in fast and the furious lane! It's time to test the strength of your nerves with speed and adventure. It's time to enjoy the fun of River Rafting. River rafting lets one enjoy the adventure on the river and it is true test of character. The adventure is loved by thousands from all over the world and has fast climbed the ladder of popularity among the adventure lovers. India to have come up the popularity chart in adventure sports which has paved the way for numerous Adventure Tours to India. River rafting in India holds a healthy share in making India an adventure sports hub where the state of Uttarakhand has played a pivotal role. Uttarakhand promotes the adventure sports of River rafting in a big way as it is home to numerous sites of it. River Rafting Sites in Uttarakhand is easy to spot as it is dotted with rivers which are not very deep, ideal for River Rafting.

The state of Uttarakhand is intersected by various rivers making it a hot spot for river rafting. The state is also the hub for Adventure Activities in Uttarakhand with facilities of numerous other activities, but river rafting has found a special place with a number of River Rafting Sites in Uttarakhand in India. Uttarakhand, known as the land of holy rivers and their origins is home to many rivers which enjoy free flowing course throughout the state criss-crossing the forests, covering the rocky terrains, mountains, and even snow covered stretches. Most of the rivers being shallow in depth and following a down slope area are fast paced making it exciting for the River Rafting lovers. These have facilitated Adventure tours in Uttarakhand as well.

The rivers which offer the best of the River Rafting Sites in Uttarakhand are the Ganga, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi or Yamuna. One can look forward to the various agencies to plan a river rafting session. One of the most exciting of the sites can be the Rafting on the Ganges. The river offers the excitement of rivers race, surge, whirl, froth and crash over and around boulders making the experience a memorable one. The challenge thrown by Ganges allures the best of the rafters to accept and live on the edge on the crest and the troughs.

River Rafting in Garhwal can be another option for the rafters which allow them to challenge the courses at Kaudiyala. It is very important to have the necessary equipments for the adventure. The adventure lovers can enjoy the hidden treasure of excitement in the dense forest on Rishikesh-Badrinath highway at an altitude of 480 meters. This wild journey also allows being close to the wild making it even more exciting.

Another exciting River Rafting Sites in Uttarakhand that attracts the rafters is the White Water Rafting in Kumaon which allows the rafters to flow with the waters with the Kali Ganga (Sharda) that flows down from the Nepal border, along the Kumaon hills.

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