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Sledging in Uttarakhand

Sledging has almost become synonymous with the game of cricket, where the bowling team, trying to break through the resistance of the batsmen, uses annoying comments to upset the batsman's temperament.

However, Sledging also refers to the smooth drive along the snow covered mountains. With the white sheets of snow carpeting the Blue Mountains quite affectionately in the winters, time for sledging draws closer and people fish out their sledging equipments and start off with friends and folks from home for a thrilling Sledging experience.

The sled vehicle that moves by sliding down the snowy hills, offers a joy ride to the visitors; these sled cars are often accompanied by runners for the inexperienced beginners. Tremendous popularity of sledging in Uttarakhand makes for an excessive tourist accumulation with the advent of winter in the state.

Sledging in Uttarakhand is an awesome experience consisting of a snow ride down the white surface, emitting snow dust at the back, with the friction of the sled car.

In Uttarakhand Sledging is also known as Tobogganing, with the Toboggan being a small flat based vehicle, containing few people. Eager travelers hoping for an exciting journey down the hoary hill-slope flock in great numbers. Measuring 1.5 feet in length and 6-8 feet in breadth, this toboggan is arched up in its frontier to allow easy movement thorough snow. Special iced slides with raised sides are constructed to eliminate steering problems. Bobsledding is followed by sledging in recent times, the former being the same as the latter, with just a new name.

Time for Sledging in Uttarakhand:

Since during winter snow gathers on the hills, it is the best time for this game. Come and experience the charm of sledging in Uttarakhand with your friends and family, while the achromatic-snow reflecting sunlight beckons you earnestly.

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